Additional Services

As the trends in the creation of value for clients have shifted away from the tangible to the more intangible, it is becoming increasingly important to understand where the value lines are drawn. As a business we constantly ensure our business improvements and technological innovation is aligned with our client needs. Yet as brokers we rely heavily on strategic partnership agreements and depth of relationships so that we can secure our position as experts in our field.

We strongly believe that the true value we create for our clients lies in what cannot be merely replicated. Our true value lies beyond our products, and manifests in our people and our partners. For this very reason we believe in cultivating relationships with only the best-in-class.

Islands Trust and Corporate has already built out a great provider network aligned with the risk needs of the Channel Islands. To this we now add additional value services with which we hope to create exceptional value from a world-class network, beyond our core broker services.

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